Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm in the mood for...simply because....

I have been in the strangest mood lately and I cannot tell you why. I just honestly have no explanation. I've been doing fun things, and I've seen some good flicks, and I've gone to some great restaurants...

And yet I am restless.

Maybe it's because I'm so ready for spring. Especially those elusive two weeks of perfect weather it brings to the city each year. I'm ready for the day when I wake up and smell the air and just KNOW that spring has finally arrived.

Ah to be wearing skirts and sandals and no coat!

Oh for the fresh asparagus and other yummy veggies to be had at the farmers market!

Oh for the street fairs and the jacket weather and outdoor brunch!

Oh for the gallons and gallons of iced coffee!!!

To me, those two weeks in spring make New York feel very French. Not that I've ever been to France, but that's the way it makes me feel.

When I was still living on the Upper West Side, one of my favorite signs of spring was the blooming of the Cherry trees along the medians on Broadway. They're so pretty and girly and always make me smile.

Of course this reprieve will be short and then the rains shall come. And they shall stay. And stay. And then BOOM it will be summer and too hot to think let alone move. But for the few weeks of spring that we do have I will remember the beauty of why I moved here in the first place, and maybe I will start to feel more settled again.